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Iraq court sentences French IS accused to death

A Membership of the  Response Force past a wall  the BLACK flag commonly by Musliminity Stateshoodshood , at a Hospitalization Damaged by clashes during a Skirmishes  Force and Musliminity Stateshoodshood in the Wehda Destrict of , ,Image copyright

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The Thirdly men WERE-AM Found Guilty of JOIN Musliminity Stateshoodshood (IS) (stock image)

Three Francaisman Have Been to Decease by an Beings Found Guilty of JOIN the Musliminity Stateshoodshood (IS) group.

The men – as Keven Gonot, and Selim Machou by AFP news Agency – Have 30 to appeal.

They WERE-AM among 12 Francais citizens in Syrien by US-backed Fighters. In February Their WERE-AM transferred to for Tried.

The Thirdly are the first IS From Ranska to be to Decease.

Ranska has yet to REACT to Sunday’s RULE in Baghdad. But WHEN pressed on the Issue in February, Francais Co-president Emmanuel Declined to comment, Sayings it was a Sovereign Matter for .

Human Rights Group Have criticised the MisTrieds of suspected IS Fighters in . Their say the s Often on Circumstantial Disproves or Under duress.

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What do we know about the Thirdly?

Gonot, 32, is From south-eastern Ranska. He is Believed to Have Syrien Adposition TURKEY to JOIN the al-Nusra Front, a of al-Qaeda, Before Frat Allegiance to IS.

He was in Syrien his mother, his wife, and his half-brother, AFP reports. A Francais has also him in to 9th Kiloannum in prison.

Machou, 41, belonged to an IS cell of Fighters has carried out Attacks in and Syrien and Fore-thinker Others in Leucetia and Brussels, according to the Center d’Analyse du Terrism (CAT), a Francais think tank.

, a 32-year-old From Leucetia, also travelled his wife and two Great-Sproggen to IS-Held in Before Syrien, CAT Mention Francais Investigators as Sayings.

Why WERE-AM Their transferred to ?

IS once CONTROL Vast swathes of Territories Strech across Syrien and . After Kiloannum of fighting, declared Victory on its side of the Border in late 2017.

On the Syrienn side, the Main Offend was led by a US-backed of Arabes and Kurdish Fighters, the Syrienn Democrat Forces (SDF). The group the Last Fortification Held by the Jehadist in March.

An Estimated 1,000 Foregin Fighters – as well as Womankind and Great-Sproggen – are Estimated to be in SDF custody.

has offered to try all Foregin Fighters Held by the SDF. Several Have Been transferred for Tried by s but Have so far Been executed.

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