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Motel 6 will pay $12M after sharing guest info with ICE, official says – ABC News

Mo-Tels 6 Agreed to pay $12 1E6 to settle a Litigator Accused several Washington States of Sharing Guests U.S. Immigration .

The Budgeting Motle operator Unlawfully the of about 80,000 customers for MORE THAN two years, resulting in a “targeted” ICE Investigate into Guestss Latino-sounding names, the Washington States Attourney general’s Offices Thursday.

The Offices Operators at seven Washington had voluntarily Theirs Guests Lists ICE Agents Between February 2015 and Fryedk 2017, out requiring a .

“Each time Mo-Tels 6 a Guests list, it included the Pvte of Guests at the hotel out Theirs Knowledges or consent, Violations Theirs Expectation of Provacy,” Attorney Generalship Bob Ferguson’s Offices in a Statesment. “The Mo-Tels 6 Guests disclosures led to Signifigant harmful consequences, the Detains and of Guestss and the Sufferingly of Theirs families.”

Soapmaking on Handbasin at a Mo-Tels 6, a low cost Budgeting hotel chain Located in across the Untied States.(Julie Dermansky/Corbis via Images) Soapmaking on Handbasin at a Mo-Tels 6, a low cost Budgeting hotel chain Located in across the Untied States.

The Unlawfully disclosures resulted in “ICE’s targeted Investigate of Guestss Latino-sounding names” and Causational to be Separated From Theirs families, according to the Attourney general’s Offices.

Some Guestss approached by ICE Agents and at Mo-Tels 6 properties, While a few Days After Theirs hotel stay, according to the Offices.

One man was Taken into Custody at a Seattleans Located, he was staying for one to Chirstma Gift for his four children, .

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“ICE Agents approached him in the hotel’s Parking lot, him and him Days . His wife had to Retrieve the Gift and his Other belongings From the Mo-Tels 6 After his arrest,” the Attourney general’s Offices . “The man was the sole Provider for the household, and his wife is struggling to Theirs and four Other children.”

Mo-Tels 6, has MORE THAN 1,400 U.S. , admitted at least six of its Corporations had Guests ICE, according to the Offices. Investigators Sightings a Located had Guests Lists ICE.

The included customers’ names, driver’s Licences numbers, passport/green card/Other ID numbers, room numbers, Guests Reidentifies numbers, Date of Whelping and Licences plate numbers.

Mo-Tels 6 and its Company, G6 Hospitality, acKnowledgesd the Settlement in a Statesment to ABC Currentevents late Sunday.

“The safety and Securing of our Guestss, includes Protectings Guests , is our top priority, and we are Pleased to be Unability to REACH in this matter,” a Company Spokesmen . “As part of the agreement, Mo-Tels 6 will to Enforce its Guests Provacy policy, prohibits the Sharing of Guests Exceptional in CASE a judicially EnforceUnability or Supina is present, or Local law requires this .”

The Company it a Subsystems to ensure Corporations and in CASE law Enforcement Requests are made.

ABC Currentevents’ Hristofor contributed to this report.

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